Data Management Platform (DMP)

Our goal is to assist you in the best possible case, to identify the data of a user as a standardized process to create an orderly and re-enable, without having to compromise on important features such as extensibility and scalability. ADITION provides the opportunity to evaluate, analyze and target-use the mass of information with the integrated DMP solution of The ADEX.


The seamless integration into the ADITION Targeting Engine, including the possible combinations of all DMP target groups with available ADITION-targeting, we are creating a specific and unique added value for our customers. Enrich existing target groups with new DMP audience segments. Improve response rates, conversions and brand awareness.

Big Data – The Digital CRM

Successful digital marketing relies on an innovative data-based appeal to target groups in highly varying granularity. Depending on the campaign objective, you can define your target group based on individual data, aggregated data clusters or model-based recommendations.

The ADITION big data platform allows you to enhance movement data with your CRM data or information from external service providers in just one system. This gives you a digital description of your users and consumers for targeted appeal with the perfectly fitting advertising message – which obviously considers the strict German and European Data Privacy Laws.

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