Product & Technology

Cutting-edge technology and continuous innovation form the basis of a successful digital marketing business. ADITION laid the technological foundation early on with its unified adserving strategy in order to provide you with a central and uniform platform for all needs and processes.

Sell-Side & Buy-Side

ADITION supplies premium clients from all segments with adserving solutions that centralise and cover overlapping business models of the digital advertising industry in just one marketing software platform.

Multi-Channel & Cross-Device

ADITION offers a wide range of functions across all marketing channels and for all end-user devices. Our clients can equally manage, monitor and optimise display, video and mobile campaigns on all end-user devices. They also have access to a central user database for extensive targeting options, can make ads and videos dynamic, optimise their own advertising inventory or auction it off on a SSP and also efficiently buy ad contacts for own products through a DSP – clearly arranged, in real-time and from a single source.

Module & Apps

Our clients have access to open interfaces due to a modular system design that allows the flexible extension of our range of services according to their individual requirements. Furthermore, we continuously expand our product range with specific modules and apps through our partner programme.

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