Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads

The dynamic advertising formats by ADITION always provide a terrific, individual shopping experience for your customers due to their easy creation and simple configuration. On the basis of recognised targeting information, ADITION assembles the individual advertising media components in a fully-automated manner. This gives you an emotional customer appeal that creates long-term customer loyalty – without bothering them!

Success for Today & Tomorrow

The click and conversion rates for ADITION dynamic ads are far above the industry average due to the individual configuration options. Furthermore, very precise media buying that uses the DSP solution integrated into ADITION opens up huge potentials in buying efficiency.

Your Advantages

  • Easy handling: Seamless integration into your campaign planning and implementation without additional effort of manual customisation of advertising media
  • High degree of individuality: All common advertising media forms (superbanner, wide skyscraper, content ad, etc.)
  • Sophisticated business rules: User has seen, purchased or already placed the product in the shopping cart, recommended products, delivery status, special offers or just specific brands, Expandable to any attribute within your product feed
  • Regular data reconciliation: Update shop items and products either regularly on an automated basis or manually via the import function (greatest possible compatibility of the data interfaces)
  • Transparent reporting: All delivery and revenue figures of campaigns are available in the ADITION report section

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