Mobile = Display = Video

The rapid adoption of mobile devices has fuelled major growth in the mobile advertising market. ADITION has overcome the various technical challenges to align almost 100% of display and video advertising in this market. Campaigns can be booked across channels, reported on and optimised from a single order.

Mobile Websites

ADITION supports all MMA standards for mobile devices. You can also create your own formats. Standard ads, bouncing ads, flip ads, HTML ads, interstitials, layers and videos can be delivered to mobile devices effortlessly. ADITION is able to identify 95% of devices by using a comprehensive database.

In-App Advertising with our SDK

In addition to multiple mobile formats, the ADITION SDK (Software Development Kit) is available to app developers for in-app advertising. In-app campaigns are included in post-click reporting to ensure an integrated overview of the campaign success.

Responsive Ads

With responsive ads, your advertising medium can be called up by both mobile devices and desktop PCs. When calling an advertising space, the adserver recognises the type of device making the request and delivers a corresponding mobile or display ad.

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