Visibility Measurement

ADITION developed a comprehensive adserver solution with a sophisticated visibility measurement that measures advertising media insertions with specific performance indicators.

In the two-dimensional measurement, how long an advertising media is visible and what percentage of the advertising media is located in the website’s visible area is measured. The viewport analysis provides supplemental information about the advertising medium’s initial position at the beginning of the page request.

The visibility measurement therefore allows value assessment of an advertising space, control of your network, optimisation of media buying and campaign management. The collected visibility performance indicators can be presented from various angles in predefined reports, as well as in the dashboard. As a result, our visibility solution is an ideal supplement to the previous control and report mechanisms.

Ad Verification & Brand Safety

Within the scope of its unified adserving strategy, ADITION has integrated the leading European ad verification technology firstTAG by Batch Media for this purpose.

Fully-automated quality control has increasingly become a MUST for agencies and advertisers that want to efficiently protect their brand from misplacements. The ad verification technology by BatchMedia analyses and tracks misplacements in questionable or compromising environments, checks the tagging of marketing partners and optionally blocks the delivery of advertising media.

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