All of the important information is available in real-time; aggregate performance indicators are provided within five minutes. The most important report types are:

  • Classic campaign reports
  • Capacity reports and potential analyses which include auto reports
  • Post-tracking and conversion reports
  • Configurable custom reports with individual advertising media events

All reports are also available in common export formats, which includes auto report and special report accounts for third-parties.

Customer Journey & Multi-Channel Attribution

The ADITION customer journey reporting module enables a far-reaching overview of the conversion funnel and brings full transparency to your multi-channel marketing. The integration of external systems such as SEO/SEM technologies or affiliate partners provides a comprehensive overview of campaign success. The weighting distribution of marketing can be freely selected in this process.

Time Is Money

ADITION operates in real-time, which makes it possible for you to save time and money through fast and flexible campaign management from the upload of advertising media to campaign modification to modulation.

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