ADITION Targeting Engine

Targeting has become an integral component of successful digital marketing measures. Within the scope of a consistent unified adserving strategy, ADITION has developed a cross-segment unified solution that covers the common targeting instruments such as behavioural targeting, retargeting, technical targeting, etc.

The high-performance ADITION targeting engine provides:

  • The free combinability of all available targeting criteria and creation of targeting clusters that are reusable at any time
  • The ability to create complex target group rules with more than 300 Boolean expressions
  • The availability of all targeting criteria on campaign and advertising media level including nesting
  • A valid forecasting system for expected target-group reach (capacity report)


ADITION retargeting is primarily geared towards agencies and direct clients since it enables the pinpoint delivery of advertising messages to narrow user groups that are classified by certain actions such as clicking an advertising medium or aborting an online order process.

The specific product interest and buying behaviour of one-time visitors, visitors with latent product interest, shopping cart dropouts, returning candidates and buyers is anonymously recorded. The recorded product interests can be enhanced with additional data such as CRM or external data. Furthermore, product interests are predicted based on an intelligent set of rules and similarity analyses.

Very Special Buying Experience

Recognition and customer appeal for up-selling or cross-selling can be performed onsite or offsite on linked websites or third-party pages. To give your customers an on-going shopping experience and achieve optimal sales performance, we recommend the combination with ADITION dynamic ads and pinpoint-accurate media buying through the DSP technology integrated in ADITION.

360° Customer Relationship Management

In addition, retargeting data can also be used for offline marketing measures via a CRM interface.

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