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In real-time bidding (RTB) auctions, the publisher can increase user contacts on the basis of predefined criteria. The Yieldlab Supply Side Platform (SSP) provides for the fact that the demand and supply sides can communicate with each other in the auction procedure. With RTB, your negotiations with individual website operators, marketers or ad networks will become obsolete.

The special advantage lies in the broad-reaching address of your target group above the limitations of individual publishers and marketers. The buyer always receives the user contacts relevant to them with a price that corresponds to its true value.

Yieldlab stands for the brand safe premium inventory, so for absolute premium. Half of the Top 20 AGOF websites already market large areas of their inventory through the Supply Side Platform by Yieldlab. Whether the broad-reaching websites of large publishing and media houses such as Axel Springer, Spiegel, SevenOne Media or high-quality special interest offers like those of the Heise Publishing House: German-speaking, premium publishers trust the Hamburg-based technology provider, Yieldlab, for their yield optimisation and for the selection of their RTB Supply Side Platform (SSP). All purchasing platforms connected through Yieldlab receive access to high-quality environments with editorial content.

Yieldlab is also becoming increasingly more relevant to international traffic. Yieldlab will be announcing significant partnerships with European premium publishers over the coming months.

Alongside the current IAB standard formats, Yieldlab also masters your communication goals with special advertising formats and advertisement in Apps and mobile websites. You can not only pursue campaigns with performance goals through Yieldlab, but brand advertisers are also increasingly purchasing automated user contacts on the Yieldlab Platform for their branding campaigns.

As far as you automate through a Demand Side Platform (DSP) and would like to purchase marketer-covering user contacts from income-strong user groups with high educational standard as an advertising driver, you will find the Yieldlab SSP as the right partner on the supply side.

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