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Comprehensive Yield Optimisation with Real-Time-Bidding-Function for all Inventory Classes

Up to now, the traditional inventory optimisation (yield optimisation) has been strongly characterised by manual processes. Our solution now extends the traditional yield optimisation through the advantages of real-time advertising.
 This produces a higher scalability for the marketing of your inventory and more efficiency in the optimisation.

Yieldlab brings out the maximum across all inventory classes for you. In addition, we have developed an optimisation technology that determines the optimal buyer for every single ad impression on
 a real-time basis. Every millisecond, for every single placement on your website and every user, we precisely determine the partner who can yield the greatest return for you at that moment. As a result, it is possible to raise the effective CPM (eCPM) and with this, the overall yield of your website significantly.


The auction-based media purchasing through real-time bidding in the market has been set up in the meantime. In turn, the increased demand has clear effects on the prices that can be achieved when marketing non-guaranteed inventory through RTB. High eCPMs can be achieved in the premium environment, often clearly above the previous remnant inventory prices. As a result, RTB is not only a pure instrument for remnant inventory advertising, but is also being increasingly utilised within the premium segment for the marketing of certain inventory classes beyond the remaining positions.

Brand safety is a determining criterion in the successful marketing strategy for the premium publisher. Straight-line automated media trade involves the danger that undesirable advertisers will reach your own environment. Yieldlab offers a multi-stage safety net and makes high demands for its partners in the matter of transparency and security. Through our Yieldlab Platform, you have the possibility to use current blacklists as well as insert your own whitelists. As a result, you can play it safe and protect your media brands against brand-damaging advertising campaigns up to 100 percent. At the same time, the Yieldlab Optimisation Platform offers you comprehensive reporting with full transparency. You will receive detailed insight over all advertisers, their purchases and the prices achieved across all inventory classes.

Yieldlab has looked after premium publishers in the area of yield optimisation for three years. We are so successful that in the meantime 50 percent of the German top 20 AGOF publishers have integrated the Yieldlab Optimisation Platform. Thanks to our open publisher API interfaces,
the marketers can easily integrate their internal accounting systems as well as their own business intelligence solutions with Yieldlab.
The more purchasing platforms that are connected to the Optimisation Platform, the greater the likelihood to achieve an improved eCPM per placement. We had begun building partnerships on the demand side early. This is with the largest agent trading desks, special AdServers with RTB functions, the largest international DSP suppliers or the advertising networks for performance display advertising. On the demand side, Yieldlab is tied together with all market-relevant purchasing platforms. These receive access to the top premium environments in a continually increasing number of European countries.

In addition to advanced technology, real-time bidding particularly focuses on the right sales strategy. Our experienced RTB Service Team will support you in developing the right pricing strategy for your inventory.

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