Video & IPTV

Video & IPTV

No other digital advertising form creates more emotionality and transports your brand better that video streaming – a powerful tool for digital marketing and one of the fastest growing channels. It allows you to transport and extend your TV advertising to digital channels: online, mobile and on IPTV.

In.Page & In.Stream

Through the deep integration of the innovative video technology by our exclusive partner, ADITION provides you with the complete range of digital moving image advertising.

  • enables advertising videos within any banner format that can be easily created in IAB conformity with the video editor; this includes bandwidth measurement, mp4, full-screen mode, video reporting and much more.
  • plays advertising videos as pre-, mid- and post-roll, as well as overlays, directly in its own or external video player and logs all common VAST events such as playback time, muting or pause function.

The technology supports all IAB standards such as VAST, VAST2 and VPAID. In combination with useful supplementary in-house developments such as the ADITION VAST wrapper for VAST event counting of video redirects, we provide our clients with a powerful and market-tested overall package for the delivery of their video campaigns. All video deliveries can also be linked with ADITION targeting solutions.

Already Viewed: Dynamic Videos!

Using one-of-a-kind proprietary technology, the videos can be made dynamic and coupled with ADITION targeting solutions for your specific target-group videos.

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